Digital Jersey

Statement Data Rights requests can only be made by a named individual, or by a 3rd party with the written authority of the named individual and unless the requestor is an;
• Existing customer or ex-customer
• Current employee or ex-employee
And therefore, may be known to us, must be supports by full proofs of identification. We will not disclose third party information unless the legal right of the third party to make the request can be fully determined e.g. a parent requesting data on behalf of a child or a guardian / legal representative making a request on behalf of a person who is mentally incapacitated.

Proof of ID In accordance with current guidance, we are required to verify the identity of any requestor before sharing data, if a requestor may already be known to us, then it is reasonable to assume we will already have contact details and an ability to verify identify so full proofs may not be required. However, if a request comes from a named individual or details are not linked to account information etc. then we will require proof of identity before we can respond to your request. Please provide at least one form of identification that clearly shows your photograph, name, date of birth, and current address. We will accept scanned copies of these: e.g. a passport, a driver’s license, birth or adoption certificate or national identification number card. If you are unable to provide any of these forms of identification, then please contact our DPM at for advice on other acceptable forms of identification. Please use box at the bottom to upload any ID evidence attachments.
Individuals who may be known to us are just required to provide one form of photographic identification.

Instructions: Please complete the following sections and tick to indicate the information you would like us to provide or action you wish us to take as part of your request. Please note that where we have a legal or regulatory requirement to retain data, we may not complete deletion requests, however we will inform you of our reasons for any decision. Please be as specific as possible in relation to any requests (if you have been known under any previous names, please include these - and provide any relevant proofs for name changes)

Receipt of Information The requested information will be provided without undue delay, but no later than one calendar month from verification of your identity (28 days in Jersey). We can, in some circumstances, add a two-month extension on this (56-days in Jersey) but will let you know as soon as possible if this is the case and the reason why.
Information will be dispatched electronically to a Glasscube account. You will be sent an invitation to join this account to access your information. Glasscube is a secure data transfer tool that encrypts the information during transfer and at rest and can only be accessed by the person with the access credentials.
If you elect for the information to be sent to the email address provided, it will be password protected as a minimum. The password will be sent to you via SMS message to your mobile device, not by email.
Should you require information in a different format for disability or access reasons, please leave a note in the comments box below.

Our Response : In the response to your request, we will provide you with the information required by Article 15 of the EU-GDPR/UK-GDPR or Article 28 Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 and remind you of your right to:
• Request correction or erasure of your Personal Data
• Restrict or object to certain types of processing with respect to your Personal Data
• Make a complaint about the way your request has been dealt with, to the local data protection authority.

Declaration : By clicking the SUBMIT button, I confirm that the information provided on this form is correct and that I am the person whose name appears in this form. I understand that:
1.Digital Jersey must confirm proof of identity and may need to contact me again for further information.
2.My request will not be valid until Digital Jersey receives all of the required information to process the request.
3.I am entitled to one free copy of the Personal Data I have requested, and acknowledge that for any further copies I request, Digital Jersey may charge a reasonable fee based on administrative costs.
4.If I am making a request on behalf of another party, I confirm that I have the legal authority to do so e.g. a parent or guardian.
If you have any documentation in support of your request, please attach it using the button below

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